Welcome to China!
The road is smooth again!
Searching for shade
Kashgar’s Old City
A mosque in the Old City, Kashgar
Abrahim, the carpet seller, Kashgar
The inside of a beautiful house in the Old City
Uighar hospitality & conversing in Turkish
Old City, Kashgar
Old City, Kashgar 2
Pigeon’s Soup Restaurant, Old City, Kashgar
Demolition of the Old City, Kashgar
Mao Square, Kashgar
Modern Chinese Kashgar
The start of the Karakorum Highway
Stopping for supplies
Camping at Lake Karakul
Collecting water
Horse ride around the lake for spring water
Midday swim at Lake Karakul
Tajik yurtcamp near Tashkurgan
July/August 2009
We felt nothing but disappointment as we realised that we would not be able to cycle our planned route to Lhasa, so took the Karakorum Highway to reach the Himalayas via Pakistan instead.
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