Our first sight of Slovakia – the city of Bratislava
Room with a view, Bratislava
The ubiquitous Slovakian water towers
Keeping in touch, Sturovo, Slovakia
Bicykle parking in Slovakia
Esztergom, Hungary,
border with Slovakia
The Basilika at Esztergom, Hungary
Food shopping on the Danube island, Hungary
Trying to find a good route into busy Budapest
Hero’s Square, Budapest
The flat, hot plains of Hungary
Eerie campspot – was this a Communist prison?
Getting hydrated for 40 degree heat
Goulash festival Bekescsaba
Hungarian friends who treated us to goulash
The castle at Gyula, border town with Romania
Expanding the Trangia menu
Slovakia and Hungary
August/September 2008
Even though temperatures on the plains of Hungary were still soaring at 40 degrees, Autumn had arrived as we entered Eastern Europe.
Remains of the Communist era surrounded us – this was our first insight at life during this time.
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