Our generous host Nicolae preparing breakfast
Collecting apples from trees at side of road
Harvest time
Duni tries to get his keyboard to work
Benni’s going fishing
Dan gives his shoes to Benni
Gourmet gluten-free cooking at the rivercamp
Butterfly 2
Leaving the plains behing
The Vulcan mountain, near Abrud
Fresh mountain water (that made Krista sick)
Resorting to bottled water for the first time
Alba Iulia
Loaded up to cross the Carpathian mountains
Carving up the forest for wood and hydropower
Logging everywhere!
Sharpening the knives in the mountains
Our guardian angel, Larry
The steep, rocky track to Petrosani with Larry
Larry wards off packs of wild dogs
Cycling with Larry up and over the last pass
Geta’s shop
Border crossing, ‘ferrybot’  over Danube to Bulgaria
Krista looking back towards Romania
September 2008
Trials and tribulations in Romania! We had clocked over 3000 kilometres thus far, and had been having the finest of times – until we were attacked by packs of wild dogs and disturbed by the destructive logging in the Carpathian mountains.
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