The bicycle is king! Parking in the Hague
Hanging out in the Hague
Birthe and Jasper, our very first hosts!
Jasper cycles part of the North Sea Route with us
Crossing the numerous Dutch waterways
Finding our first wild camping spot, nr Brielle
Dan putting up our spacious new home
Plenty of windmills along the way...
...and plenty of sheep
Rest stop along the North Sea Route
Checking the map for directions
The view from our farm camp near Hoofdsplaat
Flowers growing near Hoodfsplaat
Flowers growing near Hoodfsplaat
Windmill as we near Belgium border
The Netherlands
June 2008
Holland is surely the spiritual home of the bicycle!
We enjoyed the detour of the Dutch coastline, from Den Haag (the Hague) down to Breskens. We followed the Noordzee Route and faced headwinds and North Sea mist for most of the time.
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