Adjusting the stretched gear cables
Being shown the way by local kids
Following the bicycle path along the Nahe river
Pushing bikes to our camp spot on the Nahe river
The trusty steeds
Evening bath in the Nahe river
Lunch on the Nahe at Bad Munster
Arriving at the Rhine river, Bingen
Caught in the act, cherries from tree to mouth
Lunch with Madhubala under the walnut tree
Drawing water from a 900 year old monastic well
The wheat is beginning to ripen along the Rhine
Tribal paint in Ulm
Walking in the Alps
Staying at Barbara’s art studio, near Kempten
Hohenschwanstein, castle of King Ludwig II’s father
Sunset at Hopfensee
Sunset camping on Bodensee–Konigsee track
Pedalling towards Chiemsee
Evening dip in Chiemsee
Last night in Germany
June/July 2008
From the Eifel to the Mosel to the Hunsruck, to the Rhine, the Neckar, the Iller and the Alps!
We were astounded by the friendly people we encountered and the vistas of stunning castles and alpine peaks.
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