The streets of Batumi, Black Sea coast
Tin houses with makeshift chimneys at headheight
Typical Soviet housing
Bagrati cathedral, Kutaisi
Full house for Sunday service
Tree bells
Wooden bridge 1
Wooden bridge 2
Dan in expedition mode
Still haven’t mastered opening sunflower seeds
New found friends in the village of Dimi
Kids buy us bottles of pop with their pocket money
Spring flowers 1
Spring flowers 2
Campspot nearing Tbilisi
View of Lesser Caucasus on the road past Vani
Friendly herdsman with his horse and 17 cows
Bear used as a guard, chained at a petrol station
Jewish quarter in Kutaisi
Old city, Tbilisi 1
Old city, Tbilisi 2
Dan’s first bacon sandwich in 10 months!
Hot sulphur baths, Tbilisi
Demonstration against government, Tbilisi
Giorgi, from the troubled region of Abkhazia
Svani from Svaneti
Early morning vodka, cognac, beer and wine
Typical scenery in the wine region of Kakheti
In the middle of nowhere!
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March/April 2009
A cold and wet month in Georgia, with spring occasionally pretending to appear. Snow in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, broken roads and clifftop churches. Dan was introduced to the scarey Georgian toasting tradition and found that was always best to plead teetotal.
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