Declining lorry driver’s offer of lift to Sofia
Bulgarian Cyrllic script is hard to decipher at first
Local bikers Elvis & Yarran introduce us to Bulgaria
Slow, hot climbs and cold, windy descents
Collecting in the animal feed for winter
Reaching Gabrovo, central Bulgaria
Helping an old friend Mark on his restoration project
Mark and Pete’s ‘To Do’ list, restoration project
Mark trades his Rakia with local brewer, Christo
Christo shares his brewing secrets
Sculptures like this dominate cities & hilltops
The old town of Trjavna
Krista pushing through the mud again!
Our first scenic campspot for ages
Grandad and Christian, at their home in Glavan
September 2008
We crossed the border at the Danube river, pedalled through Bulgarian countryside, sampled the local drink  Rakia and climbed over the Balkan mountain range.
Unfortunately, our last stop in Eastern Europe gifted us our first serious bout of bubble trouble!
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