Studying maps at Bram and Maya’s
Hoboken, Antwerp with Maya, Bram and Simone
Cycling through the Sint Anna Tunnel to Antwerp
Another great use of the bicycle wheel!
Cycle paths along the Albert Canal
Waking up to rain on the Albert Canal
Grey skies grey water grey industry Albert Canal
Warm hospitality found in Alken
Our hosts treat us to a concert!
Hope to see you again in Australia!
Hup Hup Holland! European Cup flags fly
Catching up on chores in Theux
Passing through small villages in the Ardennes
Camping on a kind family’s front lawn
Reflections of life on the road
The steep climbs in Luxembourg have arrived
But at least we have sun again!
Grand and majestic castles and chateaux
Derek is walking from Nice to Amsterdam!
Near the border of Germany
Breakfast on the border of Luxembourg & Germany
Belgium and Luxembourg
June 2008
The pace changed as we pedalled into Antwerp to meet fellow world cyclists, Bram and Maya. We were then pushed by the wind along the Albert Canal. Challenging hill climbs and French speaking were the flavours as we reached the Ardennes.
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