Asian Odyssey
Beat Heim has a fondness for high passes. He mainly cycles in the Himalayas or Andes. In Spring 2008 he starts for his newest tour, entitled My Asian Odyssey. This is not a trip from A to B following one big goal, but instead as he puts it, “The more detours and side trips, the better.” We enjoy getting his regular newsletters full of stunning photos and interesting accounts.
Tallabomba’s Europe to Asia by bike
This site is about Tallabomba's 15,000 km bike trip through 14 countries from Sweden to South-East Asia, and about bicycle touring in general. You'll find photos, journals, route maps, planning information, links and more here.
We met Julien and Frederic, brothers from Belgium, in 2008 in Austria, as we were all cycling along the Danube. They were on their way to Vietnam. They have already reached their goal and now are continuing on into Laos and China.
Searching for Grace Under Pressure
Alastair’s ride covered 46000 miles across 5 continents and 60 countries, cycling the length of the Earth's 3 great landmasses and crossing the oceans by boat.
Pushkar Shah: Around the world in 11 years
In 1998, Pushkar, from Nepal, set out to ride 390,000 kms around the world, to spread the message of peace. We met Pushkar on the border of Austria and Slovakia in 2008, still going strong. He will complete his goal in 2010, after which he hopes to climb Mount Everest, bringing all the national flags of the countries he has visited to the summit.
Expedition 360
Jason Lewis, along with a team of Expedition 360 participants, completed the first circumnavigation by human power between 1994 and 2007: 46,505 miles (approx. 75,000 km) by bikes, rollerblades and walking for the land sections; and swimming, kayaking and a specially constructed pedal powered boat for the oceans. His trip and dedication to the environment inspired our journey.
Listen to Africa
Listen to Africa is an 18 month bicycle journey from the UK to southern Africa, carrying an improbable amount of sound recording kit and collecting African sounds and voices – from oral histories and music to wildlife and natural soundscapes. Krista worked with Bex and Huw at Greenpeace in the UK.
Cyclists that have inspired us
We love cycling! It’s empowering and energising!
Below are a few links to cyclists and websites that have inspired us. They’re either friends we’ve met along the way, or people whose websites were an invaluable source of information during our planning periods. We hope you find them interesting.
eRey – Photos and Voyages by Emmanuel Rey
Manu is a Swiss biologist (some say photographer or even poet) on his bike on his way to China. We met in Istanbul. He chose bike because it’s a smooth and a slow way to travel and the best way to take time.
“To West Africa or to China, there still are many roads to cycle, many more photos to take, texts to write, and, the most important, people to meet.”