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Resting on the ferry to Malaysia
Delicacies on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Teaching English in a Cambodian village
300km Peace Walk through minefields in Cambodia
Angelic nuns, Cambodia
Villagers receiving water blessings from the monks
The oldest nun on the Peace Walk
War and peace in Cambodia
Buddhist temple at dawn Pailin, Cambodia
Chewing the betelnut in Vietnam
Meeting the Hmong in Far North Vietnam
Trekking on the Annapurna circuit, Nepal
Friendly folk in the Rajasthani desert, India
Collecting firewood at Ajapal Palace, India
Hospitality knows no bounds, Punjab, Pakistan
Over-sincere police escorts, Punjab, Pakistan
A typical home in tribal Baluchistan, Pakistan
Dressed in local garb Baluchistan, Pakistan
Cycling through sandstorm Baluchistan, Pakistan
“Down With The USA” propoganda, Iran
Imprisoned in Iran and threatened with 60 lashes
Hit by stones from the catapults of Kurdish kids
Isak Pasa Palace Dogubeyazit, Turkey
The Citadel, Aleppo, Syria
Desert citadel in the oasis of Palmyra, Syria
“Postcard, Mister”, Palmyra, Syria
Working on a felucca on the Nile, Aswan, Egypt
Kristabike:  My favourite bike journeys
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“Walking with nomadic camel herders and drinking yoghurt from big pots balanced on the heads of colourful women with jingling ankle bracelets, kohled eyes and hand-embroidered clothes, the threads of one world weave into another.
In Quetta, I rest and meet another cyclist heading towards Europe. We decide to cycle to the Iranian border together. The sun has hit the desert, fading the landscape and blasting my lips so they crack when I smile. Caught in a sandstorm and facing harsh weather, we decide to travel by night. With the light of the moon outlining the road and silhouetting the dunes, strong spring winds blow toward us all the way from Turkey and finally we cross the border into Iran.”
Pages from my diary, Baluchistan, Pakistan 1998.
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Sri Lanka Ride for the Rainforest 2011
London to Pakistan RideHimalaya 2008 – 2009
Indonesia to Egypt Solo bicycle expedition 1996 – 2000
Tunisia mountains  Preparation for RideHimalaya 2007
Morocco Casablanca to Tangiers via Rif mountains 2002
Central Desert, Australia Alice Springs to Adelaide 1995
Tasmania, Australia Around the heart-shaped island 1995
Nullarbor Desert, Australia Kalgoolie to Melbourne via Indian Pacific train route and Great Ocean Road 1994
Sydney to Melbourne Down East coast 1993
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