Taking time to adventure

Posted by Dan
Karimabad, Pakistan

Towering jagged mountain peaks jut upwards from rocky side valleys, occasionally snaring the clouds that can’t rise high enough to pass over the immense shoulders that form the Karakorum Range. The glistening cap of 7788 metre Rakaposhi has been blinding me all day as I look down the Hunza Valley breathing in the rich, brilliant green high above the River Hunza.

We are in Pakistan, we feel so lucky and happy, and are glad of the choices we’ve made. Pakistan seems at first as a place where anything is possible.

For the meanwhile, there is a very rough road, dusty and scruffy, famous and winding, like only a road could be that is chiselled into the face of a mountainside, at times as high as 500 metres above the river it follows. Its name is the Karakorum Highway and it will deliver us to the plains of Pakistan and its capital Islamabad.

But first, since we have changed direction, we’ll enjoy the opportunity to slow down, take detours, walk amongst mountains, meet families and trek to glaciers, camp in lush green valleys and take time to adventure.

The Himalayas are getting close. After three more days of cycling, we will see the most westerly peak of the great Himalayan Range – Nanga Parbat – and we will savour that sight.

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