Statistics and Superlatives

Posted by Krista
Budapest, Hungary

We’ve met a few cyclists who are crunching figures, so now we’re halfway to Turkey, we thought we’d do the same.

Distance cycled: 2559 kilometres
Biggest day: 93 kilometres
Top speed: 73.2 km/h
Average distance cycled per day: 55 kilometres
16%: steepest hill up
14%: steepest hill down

Punctures: 4 (all on Dan’s back wheel)

Major cities: The Hague (Holland), Antwerp (Belgium), Cologne (Germany), Salzburg and Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary)

Most surprising camping place: Lake Tinninger, Bavaria, Germany (we were heartened by a kind local man named Walter, who quite unexpectedly brought us a bottle of wine in the evening as we huddled in our tent in the rain, then he revisited us in the morning bringing fresh pretzels and croissants! He told us that “in former times” he camped a lot)

Most difficult language: Hungarian

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