Adventures with Ulla and Reinhold

From Barbara’s studio, we had a wet and windy cycle ride that followed the line of the mighty Alps. Unfortunately, for most of the day we had no view as the low clouds obscured these mysterious mountains.

However, as we got close to our destination, the clouds dispersed … and we got the view we were waiting for! The fantastic sight of snow-capped peaks and jagged edges spurred us on, and we reached Hopfen am See.

Hopfen See, the stunning view from above Ulla and Reinhold's villa

We had been sent there by Barbara, who had given us the address of her friends, Ulla and Reinhold… We are so grateful and happy that everyone is looking after us so well!

Riding into Austria with our new friends

We spent a fantastic four days with Ulla and Reinhold – sailing on their yacht around Forggen See with Captain Reinhold at the helm, mountain bike riding on dirt tracks into Austria, morning swims in the lake at the front of their house, sunset viewing and lots of photography. Ulla inspired us – she has been a food photographer since the Seventies and her work is published in many cook books.

If you’d like to see Ulla’s website, go to

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