German weather forecast

Posted by Krista
Ottobeuren, heading south to Kempten, Germany

Our perfect camp spot... before the rain!

Everyday in Germany we are always given the latest weather forecast by the people we meet! It seems like a big topic of conversation here! Rain is coming,,, the sun will arrive in 3 days,,, it will be cold,,, expect the wind from the south! And usually these predictions are correct… So when we found our perfect ‘camping platz’ next to the Iller river, we were dismayed to hear that a huge storm was on its way.

Well, we swam and lounged about in the sun anyway, hoping that this particular forecast wouldn’t come true. We even lit a fire to bake potatoes on. Just as the coals were beginning to go red, the sky darkened and rumbled, and before I could run for shelter, a deluge was upon us.

Dan was quick to duck into the tent, but the storm was so bad that I spent the first 20 minutes repegging the tent, afraid that it would blow away. We spent the next day climbing over trees that had fallen over our track!

The storm brought down lots of trees

That evening, for the first time on this trip, we hunkered down in Youth Hostel. Our room looked like a Chinese laundry as all our clothes and equipment hung to dry from lines we’d tied.

From here we are heading for Kempten, where the parents of a dear friend, Nic, live. I can’t wait to meet them and experience the place where Nic grew up.

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