First 1000 kms

Posted by Dan

Nr Heidelburg, Germany

Last night a family home was invaded by man-eating slugs! Swollen with rainwater, the slugs broke and entered our tent, smearing their sticky trail over panniers, coats, hats and tent. We woke in the morning to find that we had been surrounded and were under great threat from these slimy beasts! Before making a quick dash, we had to first evict slugs from Krista’s shoes.

The sun has come out now and we have mapped our way along the Neckar river, leaving our campsite near Heidelburg.

We have made 1000kms so far! Yee-ha

Today our total distance travelled will reach over 1000 kilometres! We now have only 14,000 left to reach Tibet, and if the sun keeps shining, Krista will keep on singing her newly composed song called ‘What Makes You Feel So Fine RIding All The Time?’, which is available in all good record stores from here to Tibet!

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