Tal to Tal

Posted by Krista
Cycling along the middle Rhine, from Bingen to Koblenz

Krista cycles traffic free, from Bingen to Koblenz

Once a year the road along the middle Rhine is closed to motor traffic – and the day is called the Tal to Tal. What a great day for cyclists! We decided to join in the fun and pedal to the whole way, from Bingen to Koblenz. This particular stretch of the Rhine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with restored castles dotting every hillside, and beautiful traditional German buildings in every town. At each town, to mark the passing hour and interval of the hour, the ancient church bells toll and echo round the steep Rhine valley, making me feel like I am part of an old storybook.

The beautiful Rhine valley

Our pace is fast as we’re riding with the flow of the river (which eventually finishes its journey in Rotterdam, Holland) and we’ve left our 40 kg luggage at our friends Madhubala’s and Nikolaus place. It’s a treat to be riding so light and on a road that is free of traffic. There are many other cyclists out for the day, with nifty racers, mountain bikes, tandems, recumbent bikes, and trailers of varying sizes and shapes. My favourite vehicle is a tandem in which the person in the front is in a recumbent position, whilst the person at the back is in the traditional upright position…

One day I will be a bicycle collector!

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