Holland hospitality

Beautiful bicycles of Holland, as seen on the RideHimalaya tour

We’ve started as we mean to continue, with a fantastic detour! We took the ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and were greeted at the port by Jasper and his partner Birthe.

Jasper is an old and dear friend – who was cycling around Australia when I first met him. In 1994 he persuaded me to cycle from Alice Springs to Port Augusta with him, a journey of 1000 km on rough desert terrain. He also joined me on the Malaysia section of my world trip…

And so kindly, Jasper and Birthe escorted us in an exhilerating early morning ride along the sand dunes north to Den Haag (the Hague), for a delicious breakfast of homemade gluten free cheesecake!!!

What an auspicious way to commence our journey!

Keep an eye out for this post as we’ll add more stories…

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Jasper rides again!

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  1. Anna Smith Says:

    hehehe good to see you in the pics! Its really happening! Hope its all going well and the weather has been good for you x

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